Media Roundup 10/11/2017

Lots of misc goodies today.

Comicstorian brings us a tale from DC Metal.

And has a discussion while opening goodies.

Big A the Manc Geek discusses his pull list.

Cap’n Cummings gives an update on #Comicsgate.

Then brings us news about Spider-man.

Diversity & Comics talks the High Sparrow of the SJWs.

Reviews an issue of Squirrel Girl.

Then as Splatto Del Gato he reviews “Slam! The Next Jam.”

Douglas Ernst reviews Amazing Spider-man #789.

I LOVE COMICS discusses Batman: Red Death #1.

Then Batman Murder Machine #1.

Reviews the Falcon #1.

Then does a DC vs Marvel review collection.

Just Some Guy talks about Zainab Akhtar.

Mim Headroom reviews TA:Hulk #23.

Midnight’s Edge has a roundtable on the Inhumans TV show.

And finally Midnight’s Edge After Dark has a reaction to the Last Jedi reaction.

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