Media Roundup 10/9/2017

A bit quiet today after the NYCC.

First up, Comicstorian brings us the story of Green Goblin’s return.

Cap’n Cummings tells a story.

Reviews Batman: White Knight.

Has an interview with Bosch Fawstin.

Then catches up on the NYCC drama.

Diversity & Comics reviews Spirits of Vengeance.

Talks about the missing evidence from SJW marvel claims.

Reviews Punisher: The Platoon.

As Splatto Del Gato has a live stream involving that comic.

Douglas Ernst talks about the Marvel/Northrop mess.

I LOVE COMICS reviews Iceman #6.

And Spirits of Vengeance #1.

NERKISH reviews Superb #1.

And finally Midnight’s Edge After Dark has a roundtable on trailers, NYCC and more.

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