Weekend Media Roundup 10/6 – 10/8/2017

NYCC was over the weekend. A lot of videos will go over that.

Comicstorian tells us about the “Death of Bizarro.”

That time Flash dated a Green Lantern?

That time when Harley Quinn was in charge of the Suicide Squad.

And finally a story from Gotham City Garage.

Big A the Manc Geek gives us a history on the Black Panther.

Cap’n Cummings does a livestream on Friday.

Chronicles 4chan’s reaction to him.

Talks about the retailers reaction at NYCC panel.

Reviews Dark Knights Batman Dawnbreaker #1.

Then reviews Spirits of Vengeance #1.

And his Sunday Meme

Oh and has an update on #Comicsgate.

Diversity & Comics reviews Mister Miracle #3.

Answers viewer questions.

Talks about the twitter antics of Brie Larson.

Remarks on the lack of flaws in Marvel’s comics.

Shows off some original artwork at NYCC.

Talks about Renew Your Vows #1.

Goes over the Marvel/Northrop Grumman crossover controversy.

And talks about Batman: White Knight.

On his Splatto Del Gato channel he unboxes his own jawbreakers comic.

And has the following livestreams from the NYCC:

Douglas Ernst provides his own version of Stan Lee’s message.

And also talks about the Marvel/Northrop Grumman crossover.

I LOVE COMICS talks about the retailers at NYCC.

Discusses some #Comicsgate.

Has a livestream with Douglas Ernst and others.

And reviews the time Harley & Ivy crossed over with Betty & Veronica.

As well as the Batman/Shadow crossover.

And finally the Batman ’66 comic.

Just Some Guy discusses the retailers incident at NYCC.

Mim Headroom reviews Spirits of Vengeance #1.

As well as brainstorms 25 tips to fixing Marvel.

NERKISH reviews Faith & the Future Force #2.

And does his own livestream.

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