Media Roundup 10/2/2017

First, a little something to warm our hearts and remind us why we love comics.

Comicstorian talks about a Red Hood & Nightwing rebirth story.

Big A the Manc Geek talks about Bleeding Cool’s efforts to de-platform.

Cap’n Cummings has updates on #ComicGate.

And reviews DC’s version of Secret Empire.

Diversity & Comics is back!

And shows a bad book from 1993 that sold more than Secret Empire.

And talks about finding the source of SJW infection.

The Splatto Del Gato channel livestreams Spider-man #352.

And more updates on Bleeding Cool’s drama.

Then celebrates being back.

Douglas Ernst talks about Marvel’s efforts at damage control.

I LOVE COMICS reveals the Gabby Awards winners.

If 2 hrs is too long, here’s the awards broken up.
Part 1 of the Gabby awards.

Part 2 of the Gabby awards.

Part 3 of the Gabby awards.

Part 4 of the Gabby awards.

Part 5 of the Gabby awards.

Part 6 of the Gabby awards.

Just Some Guy postulates why SJWs hate.

And finally NERKISH reviews Squirrel Girl #24.

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