Weekend Media Roundup 9/29 – 10/1/2017

As we move into October, we have some independent comic projects beginning as well as our usual video selections.

If you’d like to see support some indie comics instead of the big 2, Alt*Hero has now launched and ready for your support.

Comicstorian gives us a report on the New Sinestro War.

Then tells us about Flash’s rebirth story.

The worst things Joker did to Harley has been fixed and reuploaded.

And gives us the story of Superman: Earth One.

Big A the Manc Geek talks about the Spider-man issue of Generations.

And reviews Nightwing: The New Order #2.

Cap’n Cummings gives some lessons on marketing.

Analyzes Marvel’s history.

Roasts Dan Slott on invoking Alan Moore.

Reviews Batman: The Murder Machine #1.

More history.

Does a Saturday Livestream.

And does his Sunday meme roundup.

Then wraps up with a review of VenomVerse #4.

Diversity & Comics talks about Heroes of Power.

And issue 31 of Wonder Woman.

The streams from his Splatto Del Gato channel has a talk about the Star Wars comic.

Star Wars Annual #3 apparently.

Reviews Black Bolt #5.

Praises Jupiter’s Legacy.

Saturday’s live stream.

And a discussion of Punisher #16.

Finally, he talks about Bleeding Cool targeting him.

Douglas Ernst also talks about Dan Slott invoking Alan Moore.

I LOVE COMICS talks about a dustup between Linda Carter & James Cameron.

Announces the nominees for the gabby awards.

And also talks about Bleeding Cool’s creepy efforts.

Just Some Guy talks about Mark Waid’s apology for being white.

Micah Curtis has another discussion on #ComicsGate.

And disagrees with the Alt*Hero effort.

Then does a comic live stream from his car.

Mim Headroom mocks bleeding cool.

NERKISH talks about Silvery Scorpion #1.

And talks about natty comics.

And finally, Midnight’s Edge After Dark talks about Inhumans being canceled.

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