Media Roundup 9/28/2017

Another new channel found to add to our list.

Comicstorian breaks down the 10 strongest Supermen in the multiverse.

Cap’n Cummings weighs in on the marvel saga.

And talks about Marvel Legacy.

Then does a live stream.

Diversity & Comics talks about the end of Marvel Generations.

And proposes some staff changes for Marvel.

Talks about creepy character choices.

Then reviews the Spider-man issue of Generations.

On his Splatto Del Gato channel he does a stream about Captain Marvel.

Douglas Ernst weighs in on Marvel Legacy.

And does another livestream of Subs Dare Doug.

I LOVE COMICS does another review showdown of DC vs Marvel.

And discusses the Captain America issue of Generations.

NERKISH talks about the “Kickass Drag Queen” comic.

Finally our new find The Quartering triggers a comics journalist.

And talks about the growing problem of violent rhetoric.

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