Media Roundup 9/27/2017

Apparently Marvel Legacy #1 has come out. Lot of people talking about it.

Comicstorian tells us about the Blodoshot USA story.

Then Deadpool’s Secret Empire story.

Big A the Manc Geek gives his 2 cents on Marvel Legacy #1.

Cap’n Cummings explains #ComicsGate to MundaneMatt.

Clears up some questions about leadership.

And finally gives a livestream interview.

Diversity & Comics talks about modern efforts at comics.

And gives his 2 cents on Marvel Legacy #1.

He also has started an alternative live stream channel called Splatto Del Gato

I LOVE COMICS gives his 2 cents on Marvel Legacy #1.

Then reviews the Spider-man issue of Generations.

NERKISH reviews Faith #2.

And we finish with Midnight’s Edge‘s review of the ST:D pilot and roundtable discussion.

Midnight’s Edge After Dark

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