Media Roundup 9/25 – 9/26/2017

We’re a bit behind, so let’s catch up with Monday’s & Tuesday’s video haul.

Comicstorian tells us about an arc from Spider-man’s “Renew Your Vows.”

And the fate of Damian Wayne in the Batman Beyond timeline after rebirth. (I read this arc, not bad.)

Big A the Manc Geek reviews a novel.

Then weighs in on #ComicsGate.

Cap’n Cummings weighs in on the drama.

Reviews Superman #31.

More news on the drama!

Updates to #ComicGate.

Reviews the book Jerry and the Joker.

And more drama.

Diversity & Comics reminds everyone that fans aren’t dangerous.

Rants about double standards.

Reviews Ms. Marvel #15.

Finds some less professional behavior from some professionals.

And gives us a wishlist of characters he misses.

Then reviews Ms. Marvel #16.

And finally Mr. Miracle #2.

Douglas Ernst also reviews Mr. Miracle #2.

I LOVE COMICS has a Batman Day hangout.

And talks about a silly political moment.

Gives his top 10 Elseworld comics.

Weighs in on the drama.

Brings us news of True Believers.

And does a Marvel vs DC review rundown.

Just Some Guy gives us some Mark Waid gossip.

Micah Curtis weighs in on #ComicGate.

Mim Headroom addresses kneeling Bats.

And finally Midnight’s Edge does a review & roundtable about Trek: Discovery.

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