Weekend Media Roundup 9/22 – 9/24/2017

Apologies for the delay, I started watching The Orville and lost track of time.

Comicstorian gives us the lowdown on DC Metal Rebirth.

And talks about a Gwenpool tale.

Tells us the Batman Earth 1 story.

And an Indestructible story in the indie corner.

Big A the Manc Geek weighs in on the D&C drama.

Reviews the TPB Mosaic.

And the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy.

Cap’n Cummings gives his interpretation of submitting Secret Empire to Marvel.

Reviews Detective Comics #964.

Does a Friday live stream himself.

Complains about preaching.

Issues the customer mandate.

Does a Saturday livestream.

Breaks down the past week’s memes.

Talks about DC Metal.

Burns VenomVerse with the worst charge.

Diversity & Comics reviews Invincible Iron Man #11.

Catches us up on some twitter drama.

And gives a bit of history as his time in the industry.

Critiques Chip Zdarsky’s spider-man.

Does a Friday night live stream.

Reviews the Wonder Woman/Conan crossover.

Relays more about the ongoing drama.

Then fights Nerkish over Batman: the Red Death.

Does a Saturday night live stream.

Reviews Weapon X #8.

The reviews Ms. Marvel #10.

Yet MORE drama.

And more.

Talks about going to the NYCC.

Makes a personal vow.

And finally reviews Dastardly & Muttley #1.

Douglas Ernst reveals his psychic powers in reviewing Spider-man.

I LOVE COMICS reviews the Ms. Marvel Generations issue.

Issues a letter to Mark Waid et al.

Discusses the current gossip around Wonder Woman.

Then does a SUNDAY live stream.

Part 2 of the above.

Just Some Guy talks about Comic Pros trolling.

Mim Headroom gives a pitch for a Hulk story.

Then weighs in on the drama.

NERKISH reviews BLK #2.

Midnight’s Edge talks about the Alien movie we never got.

And finally Midnight’s Edge After Dark talks about the Orville and the Punisher trailer.

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