Media Roundup 9/20/2017

In today’s find, we have John C Wright giving a shout out to diversity & comics in a rant about the modern state of comics.

I have become a loyal fan and follower of Zack (not his real name) who works at a Sunny D factory (not his real work) and made videos roasting or praising modern comic books, usually Marvel, which he called “SJW Marvel.”

The name of his channel is Diversity and Comics. You can find it here:

To be sure, there are other critics and commentators on the state of modern comics, but Zack has a particular appeal, because he is funny without being frantic, he does not swear, and he knows more about comics than even someone like me; and I consider myself pretty well read in the field.

Comicstorian tells us about a Supersons story.

And gives a negative review on Secret Empire, and mentions their channel is also having trouble with Youtube.

Cap’n Cummings gives the lowdown on how Marvel is ruining comic con.

Praises Miracle Man.

Reviews Superman #30.

Reviews the Ms. Marvel Generations issue.

And… something NSFW.

Diversity & Comics talks about Riri-Birth.

Then about how Marvel is more indie now.

Has some twitter drama with Ron Marz.

And finishes with a review of America.

I LOVE COMICS talks about a Wonder Woman & Conan crossover.

And weighs in on the Ron Marz drama.

Finally, NERKISH reviews Faith #2.

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