Media Roundup 9/19/2017

Random find of the day, but Ace of Spades talked about Diversity & Comics.

Diversity and Comics — a YouTube critic of Marvel’s descent in nonstop political propaganda — has noted that comic books used to be a fairly “happy” and “mainstream” hobby and diversion. Maybe not entirely mainstream, but mainstream as far as the nerdier edge of mainstream.

But now comic books are — like the media, like ESPN — constantly engaging in weird, Not Like You angry political propaganda for all sorts of weird, fringe obsessions — like pushing grossly obese super-heroes because hey, you’re healthy at any size.

Comicstorian gives us the 411 on a Superman Rebirth tale.

Big A the Manc Geek talks about Bruce Timm.

Cap’n Cummings reviews Heavy Metal.

And… this thing.

Diversity & Comics reviews Chrononauts.

Discusses the future of comic book companies.

Reviews U.S.Avengers #8.

And finally becomes a Weaboo.

NERKISH talks about unconventional superhero characters.

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