Weekend Media Roundup 9/15 – 9/17/2017

Looks like it was a busy weekend for everyone.

Comicstorian talks about Hulk’s adventures in Secret Empire.

Then tells us about the time Superman became Parallax.

Big A the Manc Geek asks if comic books can survive the culture war.

Opens a loot crate on camera.

Runs down 5 of the worst things Joker’s ever done.

And tells us about Hulk vs Sentry.

Cap’n Cummings talks about DC comics.

And more stores closing.

Time for some TWITTER DRAMA!

Reviews Venomverse #2.

More twitter drama.

Reviews Supergirl #13.

And goes over his meme-a-sunday antics.

Diversity & Comics reviews Hulk #1.

Goes over the twitter drama involving Aubrey Sitterson.

And more twitter drama.

He then reviews Occupy Avengers #4.

And has a comic book hangout.

More Nick Spencer.


And more.

Finally he gets around to talking about GI Joe.

Talks about Cable #29.

More GI Joe.

Aaaaaand… some twitter drama!

Reviews Nightwing.

And finishes out by reviewing Ms. Marvel #9.

Douglas Ernst talks about Marvel’s bad week.

And the antics of one Dan Slott.

I LOVE COMICS talks about the Captain Marvel issue of Marvel’s Generations.

Then reviews Secret Empire Omega.

Just Some Guy reviews Iceman.

And Secret Empire Omega as well.

Micah Curtis goes over all the drama between Bleeding Cool and many of the above video makers.

Mim Headroom talks about Nick Spencer.

Nerkish brings us an interview with Erica Henderson.

Finally Midnight’s Edge talks about ST:Discovery vs the Orville.

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