Media Roundup 9/13/2017

Previously I linked to Illuminating Comics (good stuff, go check them out).  Going through their archives, I learned that there is also a guy doing comical rewrites of Xmen issues over at Unxanny Rewrites.  It’s also good stuff, sometimes better than the source.

In dealing with ACTUAL comics…

Comicstorian gives us the rundown on Secret Empire.

And the Nightwing & Flash team up in Rebirth.

Cap’n Cummings talks about Marvel’s comic prices.

And 9/11 twitter drama.

Reviews Champions #12.

And the Captain Marvel issue of Generations.

Diversity & Comics talks about Ron Marz.

And his own review of Captain Marvel issue of Generations.

As well as more twitter drama.

Douglas Ernst talks about Secret Empire’s ending.

And Mim Headroom rounds us out by talking about Occupy Avengers.

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