Media Roundup 9/11/2017

Hard to believe it’s been 16 years since that dark day.

Comicstorian tells us the tale of Deadpool 2099.

Looks like I forgot Big A the Manc Geek in the weekend roundup, so here’s his Marvel Generations review from Sunday.

Cap’n Cummings complains about the Inhumans.

Gives positive praise to Ironfist.

And has a livestream about Marvel comics on ebay.

Diversity & Comics reviews Ms. Marvel #7.

And more Ms. Marvel.

Then reviews Moon Knight #12.

Then does a livestream analysis of comic sales numbers.

Just Some Guy talks about Kim & Kim.

Mim Headroom talks about the Mighty Captain Marvel #6.

Midnight’s Edge After Dark talks about Orville, Venom, and Trek.

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