Weekend Media Roundup 9/1 – 9/3/2017

Hope everybody has had a good labor day.  Here are some videos from the weekend you might have missed.

Comicstorian talks about the saddest moments in Deadpool’s life.

And 5 truly evil hulks.

Cap’n Cummings reviews Justice League of America.

Discusses publishing a comic anthology.

Reviews Dr. Aphra from the Star Wars comic line.

And Erik Larsen’s political cartoon.

Talks about a Kickstarter

Did you know Teen Vogue is trying to help sell comics now?

He then reviews the Jean Grey comic.

And talks about memeing with Secret Empire and Jack Kirby.

Diversity & Comics discusses Gabby Rivera.

Reviews Captain Marvel #8.

And discusses some old “New Avengers” issues.

He then apparently lost Savage Dragon #226 so he talks about Erik Larsen.

Reviews the Hawkeye issue of Marvel generations.

And a throwback review of Champions #1.

Has Marvel removed romance from their stories?

D&C also proposes a new way to sell & distribute comics.

Then reviews a Jack Kirby tribute.

Douglas Ernst talks about Secret Empire #10 (and gives us a shoutout, thanks).

I LOVE COMICS reviews the following:
Captain Marvel #8.

Secret Empire #10

Jack Kirby tribute.

America #6.

Garage Girls vs Bombshells.

Then does a DC v Marvel review roundup.

AND he also talks about Teen Vogue giving press to Marvel.

Midnight’s Edge After Dark talks about the Dark Phoenix drama.

And reviews Wonder Woman.

I’ve also found a guy that seems worth keeping an eye on. Big A the Manc Geek talks about Marvel Legacy.


4chan vs Diversity & Comics.

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