Media Roundup 8/31/2017

Looks like I messed up yesterday. So a correction down below.

Comicstorian discusses

Cap’n Cummings reviews the Hawkeye issue of Generations.

And another issue of America.

Diversity & Comics talks more about the death of the comic book industry.

And talks about some of the great women of Marvel comics.

Douglas Ernst reviews America #6.

So it seems that when I posted yesterday’s round up, I somehow TOTALLY forgot I LOVE COMICS.  But it works out because he didn’t post anything on 8/30, so here are his videos from 8/31.

The independent issue review.

A discussion about Darkseid.

And another review of Hawkeye: Generations.

Micah Curtis throws his 2 cents into the ring about Secret Empire’s ending.



And apparently DC has hired someone that promises more drama, so stay tuned.

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