Media Round up 8/23/2017 & 8/24/2017

Problems yesterday delayed the post, so let’s do two days at once.  Here’s Wednesday’s & Thursday’s videos.

Comicstorian talks about Robin’s Death & Azrael.

Cap’n Cummings talks about Archie Comics & Marvel.

Astonishing X-Men.

And the Thor issue of Marvel Generations.

He also does another DC vs Marvel run down.

And talks about Batgirl.

Diversity & Comics talks about the possible Scorcese produced Joker film.

Also reviews the Thor issue of Marvel Generations.

As well as Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man #3.

Then talks about the Defenders episode 4.

And reviews Venom #151

He also invites you to roast his Jawbreakers comic.

I LOVE COMICS reviews Thor Generations.

And Secret Empire #9.

Then does a speed round of reviews of indie comics.


Apparently there was a dust up between Comics Explained and some of these other creators. Below is everybody’s takes, in what seems to be the order of release as far as I can tell.

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