Media Roundup 8/18 – 8/20/2017

Hope you all had a good weekend.  What were the comic videos released?

Comics Explained talks about Marvel’s secret empire #5.

Then analyzes the wizard, Shazam.

And ends with a Lantern brawl (green, blue & yellow vs red).

Cap’n Cummings talks about a Superman comic.

And discusses Wonder Woman.

Reviews the Wolverine issue of Generations.

He talks about Dark Knight: Metal.

Then reviews a Star Wars issue of Cassian & K-2S0.

Diversity & Comics reviews Astonishing X-men #2.

Does a flashback review of X-Force #23.

Gives his reaction to the Punisher teaser trailer.

He talks about the 5 classifications of Superheroes.

And reviews the Stallone edition of the Judge Dredd movie.

Douglas Ernst reviews Iron Man #10.

And Amazing Spider-Man #31.

I LOVE COMICS reviewed Supegirl.

Then reviews several indie comics.

He talks about Iron Fist #1.

And also about Wolvering Generations.

He looks at a Jack Kirby tribute with a lesser known Sandman.

Reviews the Space Ghost comic.

And talks about the kickstarter comic, Patriotika.

Micah Curtis talks about the Unstoppable Wasp #2.

Finally, Midnight’s Edge After Dark talks about Bond, DC, Star Wars and Star Trek.

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