How did we get here?

Believe it or not, comics were once one of the premiere entertainment mediums of America.  How did we get from such a high mark, of issues sold in the millions, to today where top sellers barely break the 10k mark?  Chuck, of SFDebris has created a 15 part video essay detailing the recent history of comics and the crash that nearly destroyed them in the 90s.  You can go through the playlist here, or work your way through them below. Give it a watch. You just may learn something about history you’ve lived through.


Episode 1: A valiant effort

Episode 2: Straight Shooter

Episode 3: Image Problem

Episode 4: A Wizard did It

Episode 5: Crossing Over

Episode 6: The Fall of the House of Ideas

Episode 7: Maximum Clonage

Episode 8: The Trenches

Episode 9: Cutthroat Business

Episode 10: Versus

Episode 11: Marvel Knights

Episode 12: Villains

Episode 13: Adapt or Die

Episode 14: Afterword

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